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Landscape protection

Areas around the airport have been repeatedly cleared and reforested since the 70s. Clearing is in legal terms an intervention in nature and the landscape for which the perpetrator must make corresponding compensation. The respective compensation is made by agreement with the authorities either by means of a reforestation programme or by making a financial payment. Düsseldorf Airport was the first Düsseldorf business to set up a green account managed by the Office for Gardens, Cemeteries and Forestry. This account comprises areas within the city of Düsseldorf which the airport has bought in order to improve them ecologically. 


In 1998, for example, a 200-metre stretch of the Schwarzbach river, located in the compensation area and previously culverted, was remodelled to fit in with the surrounding landscape and it is now a fully-fledged biotope. From January 1990 to October 1992 building work was carried out to connect the airport to the A 44 motorway, in the course of which a park was created immediately adjacent to the airport premises; the course of the Kittelbach river, which partly runs under the airport, was diverted; and in total 27 hectares of new green space and almost five kilometres of footpaths and cycle tracks were created and 2,500 new trees planted.