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Our Offices
We offer you office floor space directly inside the new terminal of Düsseldorf Airport. The architecture of the building, which has already garnered many awards, is state-of-the-art. Glass and steel lend the building a bright and friendly image. Openness and optimal user-friendliness were a priority during the planning. The location is therefore very convenient.

Choose from a multitude of various office space and office locations within the terminal- there is a choice of individual offices from 15m² in accordance with your needs and desires. But we also have office units of up to 280m². Would you like an office with a view overlooking the airfield apron, a view of the Airport Acades or into the terminal? We would be delighted to work out a tailored office concept.

All units are, of course, equipped for the most modern of requirements. We offer all services, such as telecommunications, LAN networking (with a hotline) and office cleaning, as a full-service package.
Health care space
Have you ever thought about running a medical practice in an airport? The location provides the optimal synergy for any successful practice. The approximately 80 000 people who are at the airport daily- passengers, visitors, customers and employees- appreciate the worth of medical infrastructure facilities.

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Günter Stilleke
Telefon: 0211 421 6350
Telefax: 0211 421 26362