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Düsseldorf Airport City

Airports are increasingly assuming positions as centers of commerce. They are easily accessible to customers and employees and have an excellent infrastructure.


Düsseldorf Airport Airport, the largest airport in the third largest commercial region of Europe, offers a wide range of services. Its excellent infrastructure makes it a hub, not only for international aviation, but for international business as well.


In the immediate vicinity, within walking distance to the terminal at Düsseldorf Airport, a high-quality office and service provider project "Airport City" is being developed on an area of 230,000 m². The concept and characteristics of "Airport City" are the forerunners of a new generation of business parks at airports.

Mobility leads to success

International corporations as well as companies with local connections find their representative business headquarters in "Airport City". Today there are already more than 230 businesses located at or in the immediate vicinity of the largest airport in Europe's third largest commercial region.


In the course of increasing globalization, mobility will become an even more significant factor. In response to this, Düsseldorf's "Airport City" offers mobility in two dimensions - first in the form of links to the strong economy in the immediate area and then to the whole world via the international network of airlines.


The property on which "Airport City" is being built was acquired in 2003 by Flughafen Düsseldorf Immobilien GmbH (FDI), a 100% subsidiary of Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH. Planning and development is being carried out by FDI itself in coordination with renowned planning firms.