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An attractive city bustling with energy, with a zest for life and rated fifth in the world for its "quality of life".


Best business location of six cities throughout Europe.

State Capital
Düsseldorf – a few benchmark figures on its economic strength
GDP 2008: €88,017/total labour force
Compared with other German cities:

1. Düsseldorf (€88,017)

2. Frankfurt (€86,805)

Purchasing power index (Germany = 100) 2009:
1. Munich 136.8
2. Düsseldorf 119.8

The federal capital of Düsseldorf is situated at the centre of the seventh largest economic region in the world and, together with the Rhine Ruhr Region, it constitutes the third most powerful economic area in Europe, its market size being comparable to conurbations such as Chicago, London and Paris.


There are 30 million people living within a radius of 150 kilometres, and 9 of 30 Dax companies have their headquarters within a radius of 100 kilometres.

Traditional business centre and international service centre
Düsseldorf – leading, international trade fair location
Numbers: annually more then 43 trade fairs of which 23 are leading trade fairs
Visitors: annually around 2.2 million
Exhibitors: annually up to 30,000
(Percentage of foreign exhibitors 58%)
Around 40,000 companies have decided on the federal capital on the Rhine including, amongst others, the Metro Group, Vodafone Deutschland, E.ON, Degussa, Henkel, just to mention a few of the major businesses.
Düsseldorf - number 1
... in fashion, telecommunications, and advertising
Düsseldorf – a major attraction
Around 1,400 fashion companies in Düsseldorf achieve an annual turnover of €15 billion and International Fashion (CPD) and Shoe Fairs are held in Düsseldorf.
Düsseldorf – gets things moving
The IT and Telecommunications sector ranks very highly in the list of the most successful companies such E-Plus, Vodafone, Ericsson, T-com which have chosen to base themselves in Düsseldorf.
Düsseldorf – where the world advertises
Famous agencies such as BBDO, Grey and Publicys operate out of their German branch in Düsseldorf, and numerous smaller agencies are market trendsetters and contribute to Düsseldorf’s “creative climate”.
Düsseldorf - the number 2

... with stock exchanges and banks


With regard to patent law proceedings, Düsseldorf is the most important centre of jurisdiction in Europe and the second most important in the world after Washington.


... in foreign trade


More than 5,000 offices and subsidiaries of foreign companies are to be found in the Rhine Ruhr region, meaning that Düsseldorf occupies a leading position in German foreign trade. For Japan Düsseldorf is the most important distribution centre in Europe. Together with USA, Great Britain and France, countries in the Middle and Far East such as China, Korea and Taiwan have also discovered Düsseldorf as an international trading centre.