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Airport City – a first-class, high-quality address
Flughafen Düsseldorf Immobilien GmbH (FDI) sets high design and quality standards for the appearance and architecture of the buildings in the Airport city business park.
High demands for a high-quality address

These standards are the result of the high demands made of design and quality of architecture and of external areas that give this location its unmistakable touch and clear identity. The FDI has therefore compiled a design guide - with information and guidelines - for investors and architects so that they may coordinate their projects along its lines. These specifications for the design of property, buildings, and infrastructure create a framework that guarantees the sustained qualitative development of the business park.
Yet the architects are given sufficient space for the individual design of buildings and the accompanying open areas.


Architectural variety is expressly desired within the building zone and is seen as an essential component of development at Airport City business park.