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World of work and training

An international airport is an exciting work place. Düsseldorf Airport offers a variety of vocational training courses, supervises diploma and degree courses and gives those interested the opportunity to imbibe the airport’s atmosphere as part of their work experience.


Supervision of diploma and degree courses

Düsseldorf Airport maintains close contact with various universities, supervising students with their course work and supporting in other ways. For Düsseldorf Airport, bringing theory and practice together is a high priority.


A safe take-off to a vocational future

As the biggest workplace in Düsseldorf, every year the airport provides young people with a safe take-off to their vocational future. The training lasts between two and three and a half years, depending on the vocational area chosen.

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Pupil work experience
Düsseldorf Airport offers interested pupils the opportunity to get a taste of various areas of the airport for two to three weeks.
Those interested can complete a programme of work experience (within the discipline of Industrial Engineering) in areas such as mechatronic engineering, vehicle mechatronic engineering or electrical engineering, and thus get to know what the airport is like on an everyday basis.
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