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Social involvement

Developing and promoting the environment in which children and young people work and play is a very responsible duty.  Düsseldorf Airport supports the realisation of projects in the neighbouring area with finance and donations in kind.


Working with kindergartens and schools

An important part of Düsseldorf Airport‘s work with the local community is its support for kindergartens and schools in the surrounding communities.
Whether it’s the fitting out of computer rooms, the acquisition of specific software to make it possible for pre-school children to be introduced in a fun way to spoken and written language or the financing of play apparatus such as swings – the airport’s contribution is wide-ranging.


Donations in kind for a good cause

Düsseldorf Airport also helps social groups and clubs with donations in kind.

This was how the members of the youth organisation Kunterbunter Untergrund e.V., a non-profit-making group within the Scout Association, were delighted with a VW Transporter donated by the airport. The former airport vehicle is now being used for local excursions and as a support vehicle for holiday camps.


Working with social institutions

Düsseldorf Airport works closely with neighbouring social institutions, supporting them in the realisation of projects. As an example, the Kaiserswerther Diakonie received € 5000 to convert a former service bus into a mobile youth centre, providing young people in various parts of the city with a starting point for planning their leisure sensibly.