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Bearing responsibility

As the biggest airport in North Rhine-Westphalia and a company rooted and growing in the region for more than 80 years, Düsseldorf Airport is well aware of its social responsibilities.

The airport has been engaged for many years in sporting, social, ecological and cultural projects, with the aim of shaping, developing and sustaining the local environment for and with our neighbours.

Social responsibility
For Düsseldorf Airport Airport it is both a concern and a duty to be a reliable social partner open to dialogue – especially for the airport’s neighbours.


Training and the world of work
Düsseldorf Airport Airport is not only the largest workplace in Düsseldorf; it is also a major job creator and a significant factor in the region’s economics.



Environmental protection

Reconciling air traffic with environmental protection poses a particular challenge, which means an international airport bears a special responsibility for the environment.



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