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Environmental protection

Environmental protection is a high priority for Düsseldorf Airport, which demonstrates its commitment in its use of modern technology, careful deployment of resources and a responsible environmental management programme to protect the environment and preserve the natural ecosystem. 
Environmental guidelines 

Airport as a neighbour

Düsseldorf Airport is keen to maintain a dialogue not only with the authorities and interested members of the public, but above all with local residents. This is also reflected on the airport’s website where local residents will find their own online Platform for our Neighbours (german version) with comprehensive information on all matters of interest such as aircraft noise, noise control and air quality.

Water protection

Düsseldorf Airport exercises special care in its commitment to water protection in order to safeguard the ground water and protect the Kittelbach river flowing beneath the airport from pollution.


Landscape protection

The airport compensates for the encroachments on nature which are essential for the airport to operate by creating compensating areas around the airport.


Waste disposal

70 various sorts of waste are produced at Düsseldorf Airport every year. Our targeted programme of waste management comprises the conscious avoidance of waste, well-regulated waste recycling and responsible waste disposal.