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20.8 million passengers,
20.8 million reasons for travel.

There’s a story behind every person taking off or landing at Düsseldorf Airport. Some passengers have told their story in this short film:

Düsseldorf Airport – as full of variety as life itself.

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With 20.8 million passengers, Düsseldorf Airport is the airport for North Rhine-Westphalia

70 airlines take off from here for 190 destinations worldwide.

Situated in one of the strongest economic areas in Europe with 18 million inhabitants within a radius of 100 kilometres, Düsseldorf Airport is of enormous significance in terms of meeting the travel needs of the residents and the economy in North Rhine-Westphalia and the southeast of the Netherlands.

The airport is the largest employer in Düsseldorf, providing some 19,700 jobs and making a significant contribution towards job creation in the state.

In addition, the airport is also a vibrant centre for shopping and entertainment and a state of the art business location.

Discover Düsseldorf Airport in all its many facets!