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The Executive Terminal, situated on the western airport grounds, handling private and business airplanes, was opened in June 2006. 12 000 airplanes carrying 20 000 passengers, who fall into the “General Aviation” segment, take off and land every year.

Security and passport control, an executive lounge and a small conference centre are located in the 800m² terminal. Pilots are provided with a separate lounge and a briefing room. Here they can call up up-to-the-minute weather data and submit their flight plan. The reception desk in the bright and centrally-located hall is always staffed.

The Swiss Jet Aviation company is completely in charge of operations. This includes air traffic control, the cleaning and filling of airplane tanks, collection of fees and access into secure areas.


Tariff Regulations for Jet Aviation Services

Jet Aviation

Passenger service, booking of conference rooms
Telefon: +49-(0)211 421 79 779
Fax: +49-(0)211 421 79 793

Jet Aviation
Pilot service
Telefon +49-(0)211 421 70 62
Fax: +49-(0)211 421 70 63


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Free Wi-Fi

From now on passengers and visitors can enjoy 30 minutes free Wi-Fi at Düsseldorf Airport.


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