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Downtown in 10 minutes

Have you already been to Düsseldorf? The airport is situated very near
to the city, and even if you have stopover of only a few hours, the visit to downtown is worthwhile.

Düsseldorf has a lot to offer: Aside the wonderful location at the River Rhine, an outstandingly varied cultural offer and countless possibilities for shopping, it is especially the architectural highlights, such as the 
MediaHarbor , which make the city so appealing. And naturally, Düsseldorf offers a lot of Gemütlichkeit in its famous old town – do not miss the opportunity to try a good Altbier!

Please find ideas and suggestions for your stopover in Düsseldorf on the homepage of Düsseldorf Tourism


From the airport to downtown

You can travel comfortably to downtown by taxi or the S-Bahn S11 (city and suburban train).
The S11 has its own underground station below the Terminal and is especially signposted by “S11”.
To access the station it is not necessary to leave the Terminal. Tickets can be purchased at the multilingual ticket machine on the platform. However, you need coins and notes of the Euro currency.

The S11 takes passengers to the main station. Do you want to go to the old town("Altstadt")? Just use one of the numerous lines of the subway from main station that travel in this direction and leave the train
at the stop “Heinrich-Heine-Allee”.
Important spots in downtown and their distance from the airport
From the airport
to the exhibition center
Are you coming to Düsseldorf be-
cause of a fair? The exhibition center ("Messe Düsseldorf") is only three kilometers away from the airport. You can reach the exhibition center going by regular bus number 896 or by taxi.

When there are big trade fairs, shuttle busses transfer visitors from the airport to the exhibition center.
Messe Düsseldorf

The other two towns well known for their exhibitions can be reached easily from the airport of Düsseldorf.
Messe Essen
Messe Cologne (Koelnmesse)

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