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Europe non-stop

Get to know Europe! Situated centrally in Germany and in Europe, the airport Düsseldorf Airport is a perfect starting point for a voyage of discovery through Europe. Because from here you will reach more than 100 European destinations non-stop.


Transit without Visa (TWOV)

Transit without visa is no problem at the airport of Düsseldorf if it happens within the same day. You can reach your connect flight comfortably on foot or be shown to the departure gate for your onward flight by our passenger service. Please ensure that the following conditions are fulfilled: 

  • The incoming and outgoing airline  have been informed in advance
  • The transit takes place within the same day (6:00 to 21:00 hours) 



Connecting Flights

Transferring at the airport of Düsseldorf is comfortable and easy. After your arrival info-displays and signs guide you to your connect flight. When transferring at Düsseldorf you always stay in the same building and have short routes only.

Please find more information concerning transferring at the airport of Düsseldorf on the site Transferring
There are transfer counters in all piers of the airport
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You can reach over 60 destinations in Europe within two hours
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