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Large numbers of our passengers take advantage of the opportunity to check their baggage the evening before their scheduled flight. Not all airlines offer this service, however. Whether you can take advantage of our Late Night Check In service is listed in our table below.
Please be aware that, due to regulatory security measures, all passengers must in principle present themselves at the Late Night Check-in. The exception is families and married couples, where it’s acceptable for one family member or one person to check in on behalf of their fellow travellers. Please don’t forget to bring with you all travel documents such as ticket, passport (possibly with visa) and luggage for all travellers.

Passengers are asked to remain in the terminal for about 15 minutes after checking in until their cases have gone through the various stages of baggage inspection.

Please check beforehand with your tour organiser or carrier. Depending on the airline , there can be a charge for Late Night Check-in.

Please bear in mind that on the day of travel you must be at the airport at least 75 minutes before departure.
The following airlines offer Late-Night-Check-in:
Airline Code from ...
AM/PM time
AM/PM time
For flights departing
the next day until ...
AM/PM time
at Terminal ...
airberlin AB 18:00 20:00 C
Bulgarian Air Charter BUC 18:00 21:00 08:00 C
Condor DE 18:00 20:00 B
Croatia Airlines OU 18:00 20:30 A
Eurowings EW 18:00 20:30 B
Hamburg Airways HK 18:00 21:00 12:00 C
Lufthansa LH 18:00 20:30 A
  The Late Night Check-in is not available for transfer flights into the USA when the transatlantic flight is operated by an US-American carrier.
Sun Express XQ 18:00 21:00 C
Sun Express Deutschland XG 18:00 21:00 C
TUIfly X3 18:00 20:00 12:00 C

Outward flight date
Return flight date
Outward flight date
Return flight date