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Lufthansa Services in Düsseldorf

Lufthansa is the only airline to offer first class on long haul flights, the service for these exclusive customers starting even before take-off. But for all our other customers there are also lots of opportunities to check in quickly and simply and to make their time at the airport even more pleasant.


Exclusive parking

For all HON Circle Members and first class customers, parking places are available in the new P7 car park right next to the first class check-in area. There is a small charge for this premium service: 23 Euros per day and 3.50 Euros for every hour or part of an hour.



At Düsseldorf Airport there are 41 check-in machines at your disposal as well as 32 luggage drop-off counters and three desks for special services (children travelling unaccompanied, customers with disabilities, and families with small children).

You can also check in online for all flights at http://www.lufthansa.com/de/de/Online-Check-in?blt_p=DE, and by mobile phone from 23 hours before departure. You will find detailed information on all Lufthansa eFly services here.

In Düsseldorf Lufthansa also offers a Late Night Check-in for all flights. This service too is available a maximum of 23 hours before the actual departure time, and at the same time you can hand in your luggage and get your boarding card. On the day of departure you can then go directly to departure gate in departure area A.



The Senator Lounge and the Business Class Lounge in departure area A are at the disposal of Lufthansa Frequent Flyers and business customers as well as equivalent customers of our partner airlines.

In 2009 more than half a million passengers visited these two lounges. A few interesting facts and figures: approximately 3,800 litres of wine, 9,000 litres of draft beer, 2,500 litres of sparkling wine, 19,000 litres of mineral water, 6,000 litres of fruit juice and 8,000 litres of soft drinks were drunk. 12 tons of fruit and 5 tons of sausages as well as 5.5 tons of meat balls were consumed.