Safely to the Airport by car

Coming from Motorway A44 you reach Dusseldorf Airport directly by a separate exit.      

Simply enter "Düsseldorf" with "Flughafen" (Airport) as the point of interest in your navigation system. On the airport grounds follow the signs on the traffic management system to the multi-story car park or the car park of your choice. Our recommended route will find the route to the Airport for you without a navigation system.
Car park fees are divided into three tariff groups (Terminal, Langzeit (Long-Term) and Langzeit-Spar (Long-Term Economy). You'll find these words marked as guidance on the signs on the airport grounds. Before you leave for the airport, use our parking space tariff calculator to calculate your parking fees or book the parking space of your choice straight away. We also offer you an interesting range of parking services.     

Important information for people collecting passengers:     
Since priority is only given to buses, airport taxis and vehicles with special permits, people collecting passengers are requested to drive to the car parks in the Terminal Zone (= orange) or to the two short-term car parks P11 and P12.   

Things worth knowing for drivers

Filling station at the Airport

Filling station

A Shell filling station is situated between car park P5 and the car hire center. You can fill up there with all customary fuels, as well as natural gas and Autogas.

Information on Filling station

Car2Go and Drive now cars in P7

Car sharing

For DriveNow and Car2Go customers there are designated parking spaces available in car park P7. Get to the terminal conveniently, safely and under cover.

Information on Car sharing

Charging station icon

Charging station

Battery charging columns operated by Stadtwerke Düsseldorf (SWD) are available in car parks P7, P8 and P5.

Information on Charging station

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