Information on picking up passengers with coaches

There are parking options in front of Arrivals for coaches from 6 metres in length and more than 9 seats. So that you can pick up your guests on time, please first proceed to the registration point and report in there with the coordinator. The coordinator will assign you a parking space and tell you when you can drive with your your coach to Arrivals.

Alternatively, you can also register by phone under +49 (0)211 421-20227.

You’ll find the way to the registration point on our printable map.

Important note about barrier entry points for Departures and Arrivals!

At both Departures and Arrivals, there is a wide lane for entry and exit (width: 3.60 metres) which is marked accordingly. The ticket machine is mounted up high and allows easy ticket dispensing and returning. This way, larger vehicles are ensured a smooth drive-up to the terminal.

Drop-off Rates for Coaches (Departures)

  • 20 minutes: free of charge
  • Each additional 5 minutes: 6 euro
  • Maximum stopping time: 30 minutes


Information on dropping off passengers with coaches

Arrive via the Autobahn A44, exit “Flughafen Düsseldorf”, then follow signs to “Abflug” (Departures).

Coaches and shuttle buses can stop on the parking lane immediately after the pedestrian traffic lights.

Please note: All stops are meant only for boarding/disembarking. Parking is prohibited in all areas.

Printable map for dropping off passengers with coaches.