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Business in the region

Düsseldorf Airport is the airport for one of Europe‘s most important and largest economic region. A region where people work hard to achieve success and then celebrate this with all the vitality the Rhine area is famous for. A colourful fireworks display of cultural highlights parades for every visitor and puts him under the spell of this impressive city and region.

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Stronghold of the telecommunications and business consulting industries, city of fashion, fair center, advertising metropolis – the city of Düsseldorf has many names, and they all fit. Düsseldorf is one of the leading international commercial and service provider centers in Europe and is among Germany’s largest banking and stock exchange cities. A highly developed infrastructure and sophisticated economic facilities make the city extremely attractive to investors. Around 5,000 international businesses are located here, among them 450 Japanese companies, giving the city yet another name – Japanese City on the Rhine.

9,200 Japanese living here make Düsseldorf the third largest Japanese community in Europe. Düsseldorf is truly a vibrant city at the center of an equally vibrant region. Some 30 million people live within a radius of 90 miles (150 km). The Rhine-Ruhr region is Germany’s major commercial center. Many of Germany’s leading corporations have chosen this area for conducting business under optimal conditions. The chemical giant Henkel produces in the south of Düsseldorf.

The chemical and pharmaceutical group Bayer is based in Leverkusen. The name ThyssenKrupp, with its iron and steel works, is still inseparably associated with the Ruhr. The energy industry and trade with global players like E.ON, RWE, or Metro are also strongly represented with their headquarters.