Medienhafen Düsseldorf

Tradition & Tourism

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Cultural diversity extends throughout the entire region around Düsseldorf. Take a trip in time just a stone’s throw to the east of Düsseldorf Airport where the Neanderthals lived 30,000 years ago. A few kilometers south of Düsseldorf is the city of Cologne, its symbol, the Cologne Cathedral visible from afar.

The Villa Hügel, residence of the Krupp family and world cultural heritage site Zollverein mine testify to the mining and heavy industry of the past and at the same time to the restructuring towards culture and gastronomy. Düsseldorf itself has an large repertoire of sightseeing, theatre, opera, concerts, museums, major sporting and other events to offer.

Shoppingstreet KÖ

The mixture of elegant and modern features in the metropolis on the Rhine is reflected not only in the Düsseldorf way of life, but in the tourist highlights the city offers its guests as well. Düsseldorf’s showcase is the sophisticated Königsallee, or “Kö”, a luxurious shopping avenue comparable with the Champs-Elysées in Paris or 5th Avenue in New York. During the cold months, the Christmas Market transforms the city center into a winter wonderland. Not to mention the so-called “5th season” – Carnival. When the colorful parades and masquerades hit the city, all of Düsseldorf celebrates and gathers at the longest bar in the world.