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Ground Connections

Düsseldorf Airport Airport is conveniently connected to both, rail and road network in Germany.

Being located right on the A44 autobahn, the airport has direct access to a dense network of highways interconnecting further than only the entire region. Even cities as far as Hamburg in northern Germany or Berlin in the eastern part of Germany can be reached in a few hours. Thanks to excellent connections to the other side of the river Rhine, the Belgian and Dutch borders can be reached quickly too.

It is also possible to continue the journey by train. The 'Düsseldorf Airport' railway station puts the entire region at our doorstep. About 400 trains stop here every day, ranging from a fast regional service to high speed Intercity Express (ICE) trains. The SkyTrain shuttles every 3-5 minutes between the terminal building and the 'Düsseldorf Airport' railway station.

From our second station the 'Airport Terminal' station, the commuter trains run every 20 minutes to Düsseldorf main station is just 12 minutes.

Journey time by train

Point of departure Journey time
Aachen 1:37 h
Amsterdam 2:15 h
Berlin 4:16 h
Bielefeld 1:44 h
Bochum 0:34 h
Bonn 1:06 h
Bremen 2:45 h
Brussels 3:35 h
Cologne 0:38 h
Essen 0:28 h
Frankfurt 1:57 h
Hamburg 3:43 h
Koblenz 1:43 h
Luxembourg 4:07 h
Mainz 2:13 h
Munich 5:31 h
Oberhausen 0:16 h
Paris 5:05 h