Now you no longer have to get on a plane to Rome for “the best pizza and pasta d’amore” when you find yourself at the beautiful Düsseldorf Airport with an appetite for the classics of Italian cuisine. If you crave delectable sweets, you’re still in the right place, because the homemade tiramisu is legendary, the crema di fragola is heavenly, and the pizza con Nutella - which we have on the menu every now and then - there is just no doubt that it’s mega-delicious. To make sure you leave room for dessert, we recommend you share the “best best pizza”, which has a whopping 45cm diameter. We make sharing easy by letting you choose different toppings on each half and bringing you two plates. Really hungry but by yourself at take off? Of course we’ll still give you the same option of ordering two kinds of pizzas in one. Or you can get the fresh “pasta d’amore” - as L’Osteria makes its own pasta in-house. For those in a rush, all meals are also available for take-out.

Opening hours:
Daily 6:00 am - 9:00 pm

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