Airport bus on apron

Important information

Due to the current situation, there are limited opening times, reduced offers and temporary closings. For a relaxed stay at the airport and a carefree journey, we ask you to read our detailed information on the following page


Due to the current situation the airport does not offer any Airport Tours. In case that there will be changes to the decision, we will announce them on this site.


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About the Tour

Airport tour (basic)

Adults and young people (from age 15)                                  9,50 €
Children (age 5 - 14)                                                               6,00 €
Public institutions (schools, kindergartens, etc.)                     6,00 €

Photo tour (with de-boarding)

Mondays and Fridays at 5:00 pm
Adults and young people (from age 15)                                12,50 €
Children (age 5 - 14)                                                               8,50 €

Tour to the airport fire service facility

Every 3rd Monday of the month at 5:00 pm 
Adults, young people and children                                             12,50 €

Remaining places on the bus will be allocated to other groups or individuals. The minimum age for participating in a tour of the airport is 5 years. Children may only participate in a tour of the airport if they are accompanied by an adult.

Exclusive group bookings

Airport tour (basic): A bus for a group of up to 44 people                                              350,00 €
Tour to the airport fire service facility: A bus for a group of up to 25 people                  406,00 €
Photo tour (with de-boarding): A bus for a group of up to 42 people                             462,00 €

These prices cover the exclusive provision of an airport bus for the respective group. Irrespective of the number of participants, the exclusive tours will be charged at the above-stated inclusive prices. If there is a larger number of participants, it may be possible to deploy a second bus. The same inclusive prices, as stated above, will be charged if a second bus is deployed.

All prices include sales tax per person/gift certificate/bus

  • Support by our Visitors Service
  • Ninety minute to two hour Airport Tour in an airport bus with current information on the airport action
  • Free admission to the airport sightseeing deck and free use of the SkyTrain (upon receipt of the free tickets after the Airport Tour)

Dates                                       Tours begin

Monday to Friday                     09:00 am/ 11:30 am/ 14:30 pm/ 17:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday              10:30 am/ 13:00 pm

Meeting Point

Meeting point on map
The meeting point is located in the terminal on the departure level between entrance 02 and 05 close to the area of the escalators.