Arrival time


Flight no. from scheduled expected Once a flight has landed, here the actual landing appears. Exit Comments
EW 9671 landed aus: Iraklio (Crete) geplant:3:30 PM
erwartet:3:38 PM
3:38 PM 1 landed
A3 840 landed aus: Athens geplant:3:35 PM
erwartet:3:49 PM
3:49 PM 4 landed
4U 9793 landed aus: Bucharest geplant:3:45 PM
erwartet:3:55 PM
3:55 PM 1 landed
ST 1635 landed aus: Fuerteventura geplant:3:50 PM
erwartet:3:51 PM
3:51 PM 4 landed
NH 209 landed aus: Tokyo-Narita geplant:4:00 PM
erwartet:3:40 PM
3:40 PM 1 landed
ST 6257 aus: Tel Aviv geplant:4:00 PM
erwartet:4:24 PM
4:24 PM 6
X3 2293 landed aus: Lanzarote geplant:4:05 PM
erwartet:3:33 PM
3:33 PM 5 landed
AB 8331 aus: Nice geplant:4:05 PM
erwartet:4:30 PM
4:30 PM
EW 9589 aus: Palma de Mallorca geplant:4:20 PM
erwartet:4:19 PM
4:19 PM 1
AB 6883 aus: Westerland (Sylt) geplant:4:20 PM
erwartet:4:24 PM
4:24 PM
AB 6837 aus: Stuttgart geplant:4:25 PM
HG 2347 aus: Gran Canaria geplant:4:30 PM
erwartet:4:38 PM
4:38 PM 5
4U 8044 aus: Berlin-Tegel geplant:4:35 PM
erwartet:4:40 PM
4:40 PM
aus: Paris-Charles de Gaulle geplant:4:40 PM
erwartet:4:41 PM
4:41 PM 4 Code Sharing We talk of Code Sharing when two or more airlines share a flight. Each of the airlines involved then offers the flight under its own flight number, but it is operated by one and the same aircraft. So there can be different flight numbers for one flight.
SU 2154 aus: Moscow-Sheremetyevo geplant:4:45 PM
erwartet:4:41 PM
4:41 PM 6
PC 1003 aus: Istanbul-Sabiha Gokçen geplant:4:50 PM
erwartet:5:05 PM
5:05 PM 6
AB 8843 aus: Innsbruck geplant:4:55 PM
erwartet:4:41 PM
4:41 PM
EW 9733 aus: Krakow geplant:4:55 PM
erwartet:4:56 PM
4:56 PM
EW 9751 aus: Vienna geplant:4:55 PM
LH 082 aus: Frankfurt geplant:5:00 PM

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