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With EasyPASS, you can simplify your border control at the airport and easily do it yourself. Scan your electronic passport (ePass), take a quick look at the camera - and you've already passed the border control.

Passport as a substitute for a passport

In exceptional cases, the Federal Police can issue “travel documents as a substitute for a passport” to passengers with German citizenship whose identity papers are no longer valid or who have forgotten their passports.

What does it mean "passport as a passport replacement"?
This is an official document issued by the Federal Police, which enables you to leave Germany and re-enter. However, such a travel document is not a full substitute for the passport and is also not to be equated with the provisional passport that the Residents' Registration Office issues. The travel document as a passport replacement is only issued for the duration of your trip and is valid for a maximum of one month.

Travel at own risk
The travel document entitles you to exit and re-enter the Federal Republic of Germany, but other countries are not obliged to recognize the document. The same applies to the airlines. The travel document as a passport substitute does not legitimize entry into the destination country. It may well happen that despite this document the airline refuses to transport you or that you are not allowed to enter on arrival at your destination. Unfortunately, we cannot publish a list of the states that recognize the travel document at this point, as the regulations are subject to constant change. The Federal Police will provide you with current information.

Where can I get the travel document?
At the counter of the Federal Police in Terminal C you can issue a travel document as a passport replacement upon presentation of an official document that you can use to prove your identity (e.g. expired ID or passport) and a fee of eight euros.


Federal Police
Location: Terminal C

Fon: +49211 9518-118


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