Security control

On the way to the gate, every passenger has to pass the security check. Here it is checked whether you are carrying dangerous or prohibited items or prohibited liquids. The Federal Police is responsible for the security checks at Düsseldorf Airport, which rely on the support of a private security service provider to carry them out.
Waiting times


Waiting times

The waiting times at the security checkpoints depend on the time of day, the number of passengers and the staffing of the control lanes. Experience has shown that longer waiting times can be expected on the following days:

  • Beginning of holidays in North Rhine Westphalia and the Netherlands
  • At the beginning of so-called long weekends and before public holidays

You can support the processes

  • After check-in, please go to the security check immediately.
  • Please reduce your hand luggage to a minimum and stick to the hand luggage rules.
  • Keep in mind: The bag with liquids and cosmetics as well as electronic devices have to be checked separately.
  • Empty or dispose of beverage bottles beforehand.
  • Empty your pockets and put small items (keys, wallet, etc.) in your jacket or hand luggage. One lighter can be kept in your pocket.
  • Take off your jacket before the check.

Start smart :-)

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