Drop off and pick up parking

Zeit zum Wiedersehen und verabschieden – Abholer und Bringer profitieren am DUS

Parking for picking up or dropping off passengers

Simply closer. Simply faster. Simply more convenient.
If you’re in a hurry, use our central short-stay car parks P11 and P12! They’re only a 1-minute walk away from the terminal, so you won’t lose any time when parking. Would you like to pick someone up? Then short-stay car park P12 is perfect. It is directly in front of the Terminal C arrivals hall. For those who want to accompany someone to the departure gates and park for only a short time, we recommend short-stay car park P11, directly adjacent to the Terminal C departures hall.

Our parking garages close to the terminal are also available. For 3.50 euro per hour, you can park your car directly at the terminal – it only takes 2 to 5 minutes to walk there. You are also welcome to use our modern parking garages P7 and P8 which have extra-wide spaces (2.5m). Underground garage P1 is particularly convenient, as it is located directly within the terminal building. You can’t park any closer!

SHORT-TERM tariff P11, P12

For each 12 minutes €1.80

For each 12 minutes €1.80

TERMINAL car park tariff – P1


1 hour €4.50

1 day €34.00

TERMINAL car park tariff – P2


1 hour €4.30

1 day €33.00

TERMINAL car park tariff – P3


1 hour €3.80

1 day €24.50

TERMINAL car park tariffs – P7, P8, P22


1 hour €3.50
1 day €24.50