Security control


The Federal Police is responsible for security controls at Düsseldorf Airport. What can I take with me on a flight in the first place? Some items can in fact be carried either in your hand or checked baggage. Some things have to go into your checked baggage, which you hand in at check-in, and some things are not permitted in your hand luggage. For a smooth process at the Airport, it is essential that you abide by the security regulations.

The key points at a glance

Hazardous items

A list of the Federal Ministry for Transport, Construction and Housing tells you what items you may not carry in your hand luggage and what items belong in your checked baggage. The Federal Aviation Agency also gives extensive information on prohibited and dangerous items. If in doubt, please contact your airline especially if you plan to take so-called “dangerous goods” with you on your trip.

With other questions on this subject, please contact the Federal Police

Telephone: +49 (0)211 9518-118


Liquids like gels, pastes and lotions that you want to carry in your hand luggase are limited to a packaging volume of 100 milliliters per container. The same applies to mixtures of liquids and solids, as well as the content of aerosol cans. Typical examples are toothpaste, hair gel, perfumes and shaving foam, as well as drinks, soups or syrup.


Medications and special dietary and baby food needed during the flight are not subject to these restrictions.

To take the liquids concerned through security control, they must fit in one transparent, sealable plastic bag which can hold a maximum of one liter in volume. This bag can be a simple, re-sealable freezer bag, which you can easily buy in any supermarket. Please show your bag to the personnel at security.

Diving equipment

This harpoon, of course, does not belong in your hand luggage. Diving lamps, on the other hand, may only be carried in your hand luggage. When diving lamps are switched on, they can generate exceptional amounts of heat, so they may only be carried in dismantled condition, meaning that either the light or the energy source must be removed. 

Allow plenty of time

When planning your time at the airport, please bear in mind that, depending on passenger volumes, waiting time can occur not only at check-in, but also at security. Everyone wants to feel safe at the airport and on the plane. To be able to guarantee a certain level of security, the checks have to be performed with the appropriate rigor and care. How long the waiting times are at the checkpoints naturally depends on the number and size of bags which everyone carries as hand luggage. Please limit your hand luggage to one bag.