SMS-flight infos

You can get information on the status of any current flight with a flight enquiry by text message. You will be charged the costs of a standard text message for each enquiry. Charges may be incurred even if you have a text message flatrate (see the terms & conditions of your mobile phone contract).

How it works on Vodafone:

  • Call up “Edit text messages”
  • Enter DUS - space – flight number (e.g. DUS LH2001)
  • Send message 
  • Target number for Vodafone D2: 5100

Shortly afterwards you’ll receive the information on the flight you selected by text message.

Please make sure the following Vodafone text message center is set in the options: +49 172 22 70 333

Brief guide for E-Plus

  • Call up “Edit text messages”
  • Enter “FLIGHT – space - DUS – space – flight number (e.g. FLIGHT DUS LH2001)
  • Send message
  • Target number for E-Plus Free and Easy customers: 3001 
  • Target number for E-Plus fixed contract customers: 1001

You will receive the information on the selected flight shortly by text message.