VAT Refund at Düsseldorf Airport

If you are leaving the European Union and live outside it, you are entitled to a refund of the value added tax paid on all merchandise purchased within the EU and carried in your regular luggage or hadnd luggage.

Requirements & preparations:

  • Make sure you have enough time for the process at the airport. Your flight must be on the same day.
  • Your permanent residence in a third country is recorded in the passport.
  • All vouchers must be filled in with your name and address before seeing the customs.
  • Please carry all your tax free articles in one bag if possible.
Procedure for tax free articles in your luggage:1. Please go to the Check-in desk of your airline first.
2. Let the staff know in which bag(s) you have tax free articles. 
3. Your baggage will be weighed and get a bag-tag as usual.
4. Immediately take the bags with the tax free articles to the customs next to check-in counter 190. All other bags stay with the airline.
5. Show your receipts, vouchers and your tax free articles to the customs. Once you have obtained the customs stamp, your baggage is automatically routed to your flight. 
6. Submit the stamped Tax Free-voucher at one of the Change Group desks and receive your refund.

Procedure for tax free articles in your hand luggage:
1. Valuable tax free articles in your hand luggage can be only submitted to Customs in the security area "Gates B".
2. After obtaining the required customs stamp there, you can receive your refund in any of the airside Change Group desks.

Please help avoiding additional waiting times for yourself and other passengers by a careful preparation of your tax refund!

Service Information
When planning your travel, please consider additional waiting times related to these services and adjust your arrival time accordingly.

For detailed Tax free-shopping and VAT Refund information, please contact customs or have a look at


Location of two Customs desks and six Change Group counters

Information in other languages

Here you can download an information brochure in English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian or Turkish. Just click onto your language. 

Easy Steps to VAT Refund
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