Late Night Check-in*

Several airlines offer their passengers so-called late night check-in. With this, you can check in at Düsseldorf airport and drop off your baggage the night before your flight. Even with early morning flights, you can stay relaxed on the morning of your flight. In our overview, you can find all of the airlines that offer this service at the airport.


Please note that each passenger must be present for late-night check-in due to official security regulations. This does not apply to families and married couples. In this case, it is sufficient for one family member to check-in for the other passengers. Please do not forget to bring travel documents such as tickets and passports (where necessary with visas) as well as the baggage for all passengers.

  • Passengers are requested to wait in the terminal for approximately 15 minutes after check-in until their suitcases have completed the multi-stage baggage checks.
  • Please consult your travel agent or airline in advance. Depending on your airline, late night check-in may be subject to charges.
  • Please remember to arrive at the airport at least 75 minutes before departure.
Airline Airline-Code from... until... valid for flights on the next day until... Late Night Check-in in Terminal...
Bulgarian Air Charter
BUC 18:00 21:00 08:00 C
Condor DE 18:00 20:00 B
Eurowings** EW 18:00 21:00 B
Lufthansa*** LH 18:00 20:15 A

* All information based on information of the airlines and given without any guarantee.
** Eurowings offers this service until 29/9/2020. Late night check-in is currently only available for departures up to 12:00 on the following day.
*** The Late Night Check-in is not available for transfer flights into the USA when the transatlantic flight is operated by an US-American carrier.