Information for disabled and mobility-impaired passengers

special service for disabled and mobility-impaired passengers

It is the aim of Düsseldorf Airport to make the stay at the airport as enjoyable as possible and therefore offers a special service for disabled and mobility-impaired passengers.

Terminal building

special service for disabled and mobility-impaired passengers

All departure areas as well as the central arrival area and the the airport train station are designed to be accessible for passengers with disabilities. Elevators and ramps ensure that passengers will have no problem accessing the different levels in the building. All facilities such as restaurants, restrooms for passengers with disabilities and baby changing rooms are also wheelchair accessible. Wheelchairs are made available free of charge. Our special service is available to all passengers with health problems, disabilities or injuries.

Be sure to book in advance!

In order to be able to provide you with the services you require, it is necessary for your to book these services with your airline ahead of time. Please state the type of your disability and the extent of assistance required as soon as you book the journey with your travel agent, but at the latest when collecting your ticket. Your travel agent will then relay the information to the airline with which you have booked. In case of online booking, you can also use your airline's website for quick and easy registration. This enables the airline to take all the necessary measures for your outbound and return flight, ensuring the desired services not only upon your departure from and arrival at Düsseldorf Airport, but also at your airport of destination.


Please ensure timely check-in to allow sufficient time for the required form of assistance (such as loading of the wheelchair into the plane). A separate check-in for groups of handicapped passengers can be made available upon early registration. Please contact your airline for that purpose.

Service Information
When planning your travel, please consider additional waiting times related to these services and adjust your arrival time accordingly.

Free parking using the European Parking Card

"We pay special attention to the needs of our passengers with disabilities. Our passengers with disabilities who arrive in their own cars are advised to use the underground car park P1 as well as the multi-storey car parks P2 and P3. Please consult the map of the airport to get an overview of the locations of these parking facilities."

The airport is implementing a new procedure at the tDeparture and Arrivals levels, starting 1 September 2018. Find all information pertaining to the new access regulation on this page.

Arriving by train

For travelling to and from the airport by bus or by train, about 300 train connections are available to our passengers. Apart from line S11 of the S-Bahn (city train) serve the rail station "Düsseldorf Flughafen" (please see the map). From there, the SkyTrain will take you to the terminal. Line S11 of the S-Bahn (city train) will arrive at the underground rail station "Düsseldorf Flughafen Terminal" below the central arrivals area (please see the map). If you require assistance boarding or alighting from the train, please check ahead of time with the city train control center of the Deutsche Bahn under the following phone number: +49 (0)211 1792460.

Porter service

The porter service is available to transport your baggage within as well as outside the terminal building. It will collect your luggage und will be at your disposal until check-in or, respectively, after baggage claim. The porter service is not available for the transport of passengers or the provision of medical care. Prices for the service on request.

Registration for the porter service:
+49 (0)211 421-6637 or +49 (0)211 421-63703


In case boarding the plane using the passenger loading bridge should not be possible, mobile lifts are used for comfortable boarding of the passenger. Wheelchairs will be transported in the cargo hold free of charge. Assistance dogs of blind passengers may be taken into the terminal building as well as on the plane.


The Sheraton Airport Hotel has two rooms adapted to the needs of disabled guests. It is located directly in the central area in front of the terminal.

Tel.: +49 (0)211 41730, Fax: +49 (0)211 4173707

Assistance for wheelchair users

Assistance for wheelchair users at Düsseldorf Airport is provided by employees of the company Klüh on behalf of the airlines. The airline will organize the ramp-handling portion of the transport from and to the plane (see Mobile lift).

List of services for disabled passengers

Important telephone numbers at a glance

Porter service +49 (0)211 421-6637 or
+49 (0)211 421-63703
Taxi Düsseldorf +49 (0)211 33333
Central switchboard Düsseldorf Airport +49 (0)211 421-0