Hand luggage

Hand luggage dimensions

Oversized hand luggage represents an avoidable hazard. Access to the piers and gates is allowed only with hand luggage of a size within international standards. Under them, your bag may be at most 56 cm high, 42 cm wide and 25 cm deep. Garment bags may not exceed the “usual” dimensions. Some airlines, though, have their own rules. So find out about the hand luggage rules directly with your airline before beginning your journey. Either you already check whether your hand luggage is of the right size at home, or you simply use one of the hand luggage frames in the terminal. If you bag is outside the standard dimensions, please hand it in at check-in as hold luggage.

What is allowed in hand luggage?

What you can take in your hand luggage is not only a question of weight or fast access to certain utensils, but also a question of aviation security. Special rules apply above all to liquids that you want to take with you.
More about liquids and dangerous items in hand luggage

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