Rental of office and commercial space

Düsseldorf Airport provides companies the opportunity to rent office and commercial space within the airport and in the immediate environment.

These include attractive premises, the ticket counter on the classic office to retail and service space in the terminal, which has already won several awards for its impressive architecture in the "state-of-the-art" style.

But also special properties that belong to it, eg. Surfaces for forwarding companies in the immediate vicinity of the cargo, buildings for catering and airport lounges for the technical maintenance of aircraft, completing the offer.

Outside the airport several small commercial real estate with good transport links are marketed in the immediately adjacent district Lohausen.

Following find out about some of the most interesting buildings.

Büroflächen im Terminal

DUS Air Cargo Center

Flugzeughallen & Modul D

Büro- & Gewerbeflächen in Lohausen