Where do you want to park your car? Of course on one of over 20,000 parking spaces at Düsseldorf Airport! You park close to the terminal in the orange terminal tariff zone - particularly cheap in the yellow long-term tariff zone; the coveted long-term savings zone is marked in red. Colors therefore show you the way to the parking space of your choice - in all plans as well as in our parking guidance system. You can just reserve a suitable parking space before your arrival.
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In order to better organise traffic, the airport is implementing a new procedure. Barrier systems in front of and behind the access points for the Departure and Arrivals levels have been designed to control traffic flow more effectively. Longer-term stopping in this area will become subject to a fee.

At the Departures level you may stay free of charge for up to ten minutes. There are 80 stopping points available. If you need more than the free 10 minutes, there will be a charge of 5 euros for each additional 5 minutes. Parking in this area is allowed for 30 minutes at most.

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