Drones at Düsseldorf Airport

Please note!

Drones are very popular, even for private purposes. At or around airports, however, it is important to avoid dangers to air traffic.


The No-Fly-Zone is located within a 1.5 kilometer radius of the airport. Here, drone flying is prohibited by law.

Flying drones inside the No-FlyZone is illegal. Violations can lead to a dangerous interference in the air traffic according to §315 StGB and can be punished with a fine or imprisonment of up to 10 years.

Please consider

  • Never use drones within the No-Fly-Zone! This endangers airport operations and can lead to aircraft collisions.
  • Drone pilots have to get information about the existing regulations and have to follow the rules.
  • The DFS (German Air Traffic Control) provides information about the most important rules for drone flights at safe-droneflight.de.

Drone sightings

  • If you spot a drone within the No-Fly-Zone, report it to the Federal Police as soon as possible, phone: +49 (0)211-9518200
  • Describe the location and appearance of the drone as exact as possible.
  • Watch the person who controls the drone and the drone itself without endangering yourself. Photos can also help the police.