Traveling with children

The well deserved vacation is just around the corner. The trip is booked. But what is actually allowed in your luggage? Where can you get a fast bite to eat before boarding the plane? We'll tell you how to make travel easy as child's play.

Baby food in your hand luggage?

Milk powder, pumped breast milk, 

baby water and baby food for children younger than three years are allowed in your carry-on luggage! The 100 ml limit does not apply here. The quantity should be based on the need for the duration of the trip. 

What's about the stroller?

Prams, buggies, cots or car seats often can be taken along free of charge. Your airline or tour operator can tell you whether you can take the buggy or pram with you to the plane or whether you have to check it in as bulky luggage.

Baby seats on the plane?

Baby and child seats that meet the ECE standard are allowed on board certain airlines. If you would like to take your seat on the plane, please check 

the conditions of your flight

with your airline or tour operator.

Family with baggage wagon

Now let's go!

Planning and time management are essential when traveling – especially when you are traveling with children. Arrive early to the airport. Düsseldorf Airport is easy to access by car and train. Please plan enough time for the processes at the airport, for example for the way from the car park to the terminal, check-in, the security control or checking in your bulky luggage. And last thinf of the "airport adventure" for the little ones.

Comfortable parking

Book your parking space early. Tip: A car park within a short walking distance to the terminal building is probably most convenient for traveling with children.

Transfer by SkyTrain

The SkyTrain connects the airport train station and car park 4 with the terminal. For many children, the ride is already the first travel highlight.

Family service when boarding

Get faster on the plane: some airlines offer customers special pre-boarding for families. Maybe you can avoid queuing at the gate?