Tips and Links for your trip

Have a good trip!

At the airport, together with our partners we do everything we can to ensure that you can start your holiday in a good mood. Here you find some travel tips and helpful links

Check list for your trip

Have travel documents ready

Check all your travel documents right in time! Are they complete and up-to-date? Have them ready to hand on the day of travel. 

Plan your trip to the airport

Book a parking space at the airport in advance, reserve a rental car or inquire about the train connection.

Follow the baggage rules

When packing, please remember the rules for hand luggage and checked baggage.

Book a time slot for the security check

Reserve a time slot for the secutity control from 72 hours before departure via DUSgateway.

Check in online

Check in online and – if possible – use the late night check-in on the evening before your flight. Some airlines offer self bag drop: With this service, you can check in your baggage yourself on the day of travel. 

Plan enough time for the passenger processes

The airlines usually open the check-in three hours before departure at the earliest. However, it is not helpful if you arrive too early because it can lead to even longer waiting times and delays.

How can I support the processes at the security control?

  • Reduce your hand luggage to a minimum.
  • Litter bottles and cans in the boxes provided.
  • Empty your pockets and put small items (keys, wallet etc.) into your jacket or hand luggage. Exception: One lighter can be kept in your pocket.
  • Take off your jacket before starting the check. 
  • Keep things that need to be checked separately to hand. At the usual checkpoints, these items are to your bag and jacket, liquids and electronic devices. At checkpoints with CT technology, liquids and electronic devices can remain in your hand baggage.
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