If you check in on the airline's website or app, you immediately receive your digital boarding pass, So you just have to check in your luggage on the day of travel -  either at the airline counter or, depending on the airline, you can also use the Self Bag Drop. Did you use the Late Night Check-in the evening before or do you travel only with hand luggage? Then you can proceed to the security control after your arrival at the airport.

Use in advance 
the convenient online check-in
of your airline
Does your airline offer
check-in on the evening before?
Use it!

The check-in at the airport
usually starts 3 hours before departure
at the earliest

Check-in times

The start of check-in at the airport depends on the airline and the destination. Generally, the airlines open check-in three hours before departure at the earliest. Please find out the exact time by checking in with your airline or tour operator.

The Check-in counters usually open at 3:30 a.m. at the earliest. Eurowings and Condor start check-in at 3:00 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays until 20.10.2024.

The opening of the security checkpoints is coordinated with the check-in times.

Check-in kiosks & self bag drop

Check with your airline if you can use a self-service for your flight. At the airport, the flight information screens display where to find the self-service area for your flight. 

  • Step 1: Print your baggage tag 
    Scan your boarding pass at the tag kiosk, print out the baggage tag and attach it to the suitcase. Don't have a boarding pass yet? Then use one of the check-in kiosks for boarding passes and baggage labels.
  • Step 2: Baggage drop-off
    Proceed to the drop-off.area, place your baggage on the belt and follow the instructions on the screen. 

Please check in bulky or extra baggage at the bulky baggage counter or airline counter.

Any questions?

Place the bag tag around the handle so that the printed area is on the outside and stick the ends of the label together.
Your receipt will be printed after the baggage drop-off. It is required in case of lost or damaged baggage. Keep the receipt with your travel documents.
Place your suitcase in the middle of the belt. The baggage tag has to face up. Also make sure that the suitcase is not placed on its wheels.
Setting up self-service stations involves construction work in the check-in areas. Since it has to be carried out at Düsseldorf Airport during ongoing operations, the changing process can only be realized step by step.
Hand luggage and checked baggage
Bulky baggage

Security control