Where is my baggage?

What to do if your suitcase is missing or damaged...

Please contact your airline

The airline is responsible for checked baggage. Service providers (handling agents) usually carry out baggage handling on behalf of the airline. If your suitcase is lost or damaged on the trip, it is best to contact your airline or the relevant service provider immediately. A Baggage Irregularity Report (P.I.R.) is required for every lost baggage. Please contact the Lost & Found office of your airline – this applies to missing luggage at the destination as well as at Düsseldorf Airport.

Report the loss of or damage to your baggage at the Lost & Found counter of the handling partner before you leave the security area:

  • Acciona: in the area of belt 11
  • AHS: in the area of belt 7
  • Aviapartner: in the area of belt 1
  • DAS: in the area of belt 14
  • Global: in the area of belt 19
  • Important for Eurowings passengers: The airline offers an online self-service for reporting lost or damaged baggage: mybag.aero/eurowings.

Which documents are required?

The Baggage Irregularity Report (P.I.R.) is an indispensable document. If it is not submitted, you will not be entitled to any compensation. In addition, the following documents are required:

  • Flight ticket
  • Boarding pass
  • Baggage stub (sticker you get at check-in) – usually it is stuck on the ticket or ID document

Your suitcase or travel bag didn't arrive at your destination?

Contact the airline as soon as possible, preferably at the Lost & Found office at the airport. Otherwise ask service staff for assistance. You will also find detailed information on your airline's website.

Your luggage is missing on arrival at Düsseldorf Airport?

You will find the Lost & Found counter of your airline (or handling agent) in the baggage claim area. If the counter is closed, you will at least get contact information here. Furthermore there is an overview of all airlines on our website. Here you will also find contact details of the baggage service provider.

Tip: location via GPS tracker

According to the rules of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), it location trackers (Apple Airtag, Samsung Smarttag or similar) are permitted in order to locate your luggage if necessary. Important: The batteries installed in the tracker must not exceed a lithium content of 0.3 grams and an output of 2.7 watt hours (Wh). These criteria apply to common batteries used in Airtags or comparable trackers.

You used the late night check-in and now the flight has been cancelled?

If you checked in the night before your flight and your flight was subsequently cancelled, contact your airline. It is best to get in touch from home or your accommodation first. You find the contact information on the detail pages of our airline overview. The airline will coordinate an appointment for you to pick up your baggage. The meeting point at the airport is usually the airline's ticket counter in the terminal on the departure level.

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