Lost & Found

Have you lost or found something?

Lost items of all kinds are kept in the lost and found office at the airport.

Do you miss your luggage? Then please contact your airline.

Did you forget something on the plane?
Do you miss your luggage? 
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Service for passengers and visitors

We recommend to you start an inquiry by using our online form. In addition to personal information, we need specific information such as:

  • What kind of item is it?
  • When and where did you lose the item?
  • Further information on the item: manufacturer, model, serial number, content, colour, special features

Please note: Items found in taxis, train stations, trains or planes are excluded. Has your suitcase or travel bag been lost? Then the airline is your point of contact.


Location: Car park 3, level 0

Opening hours
Pick-up: Mon-Sun from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
Drop-off: Any time at the information counter in the central arrivals 

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Do you have any questions?

If you have lost something on the premises or in the terminals of the airport, please fill out the online request.
The lost and found office at Düsseldorf Airport keeps items found on the premises or in the terminals.

Lost and found items can be collected in person during opening hours. You will need for the collection:

  • A valid identification document
  • The date of loss
  • Detailed description and proof of ownership of the lost property

For precise identification the following information is advantageous:

  • Cell phone: PIN, screen description, invoice
  • Laptop: tablet invoice with serial number, charging cable and password
  • Keychain: number of keys, key fob, duplicate keys
You can request a collection on your behalf. The person needs a power of attorney, which is stored in the lost property request form. If collection is not possible, the lost property can be sent by courier. Click on the link lost property request to make use of this option. Alternatively, you can download and fill out the relevant form as a PDF.
Please contact Deutsche Bahn!
Lost and found service of Deutsche Bahn
If the journey was handled by a feeder bus or hotel shuttle, then your contract partner is the right person to contact.
Please contact the Lost & Found of your airline!
Airlines A-Z
If your baggage has not landed in Düsseldorf, please contact the responsible baggage tracing department of your airline!
Airlines A-Z

If you have lost your credit or debit card or if it has been stolen, you should immediately report this to your bank or savings bank and have the card blocked. If your bank or savings bank cannot be reached on the phone, you can block your card by calling the central emergency number 24hrs seven days a week.

Card blocking emergency number:

  • Toll-free in Germany: 116 116
  • From abroad subject to charges: +49 116 116

Düsseldorf City Lost and Found Office can be reached here (only in German):

Price overview

Object Fee
Monetary amounts up to 50.00€ -
Documents (ID card, residence permit, driver's license, vehicle license, passport, cards), medical items, smoking articles, toys, books/magazines, notebooks/address books, posters/pictures, child seats, housewares, strollers/buggies, musical instruments, neck pillows, other objects, briefcases, stationery, umbrellas, sticks, amounts of money up to 100.00€ 5.00€
Purse, wallet, clothing, visual aids, keys, ski goggles, swimming goggles, sunglasses, alcoholic and non-alcoholic food, data carriers, camera accessories, razor, curling iron, hair dryer, straightening iron, charging cable, SIM card, amounts of up to 250.00€ 10.00€
Electronics (e-book reader, headphones, MP3-Player, iPod, navigation device, power bank, speaker, 3D glasses, fitness bracelet, other electronics, game consoles), cosmetics, electric toothbrush, toilet bag, manicure set, perfume, jewelry, watches (incl. smartwatches), medical products (braces, CPAP machine, hearing aid, prosthesis, wheelchair), sports equipment 15.00€
Monetary amounts up to 500.00€ 20.00€
Cell phone, smartphone, camera, camera lens, drone, luggage, handbag, fanny pack, bicycles, amounts of money over 500.00€ 22.00€
Mountain bike, e-bike, racing bike, musical instruments, computer, laptop, tablet 30.00€
All items not listed will be charged with a fee of 6.00€ 6.00€

When calculating the fee for several lost and found items, only the item with the highest fee will be charged.
A transfer fee is also charged for amounts of money.

Please pay the fees cashless, cash is not accepted.