WiFi & Internet

Always on at the Airport

Free WiFi

Mobility and travel go together. The same is true for communication - especially in the age of flat rates and being available everywhere and always. Checking emails before the flight and posting on Facebook are among the everyday needs of passengers and guests at Düsseldorf Airport. That’s why the airport provides its visitors WiFi in the terminal building free of charge. The only condition is accepting the terms of use.

You also have the option of booking a premium version for a fee, so you can use maximum surfing speed for livestreams, web radio, online gaming or web-based phone calls during your wait times. The rates:

• 30 minutes (valid for 24 hours): Euro 4.00

• 60 minutes (valid for 7 days): Euro 6.00

• 240 minutes (valid for 365 days): Euro 12.00

Upon registration, a countdown begins that you can stop and continue at any time. Access is provided via a secure VPN network.



You’re at the Airport but without a Smartphone, Tablet or Notebook, and want to use the internet? Then you can use one of our internet terminals situated in both the public area and in the security zone of the Airport. In total there are six internet terminals: one each in Piers A, B and C, one on the Arrivals level in front of McDonald's and two on the Arrivals level near the Airport Information counter. 



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