Your personal time slot for the security check free of charge
  • Bookable from 72 hours up to 60 minutes before departure (90 minutes if you have to pass through passport control)
  • Reliable planning, shorter waiting times
  • Exclusive access at "Gates B" 
  • Up to 5 passengers per booking
  • Book easily online
  • At the airport you only need the boarding pass - your DUS gateway booking will be matched automatically

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Where do I find DUSgateway?

DUSgateway is located at the security checkpoint "Gates B". Please follow the signs. From here you can reach all departure gates in a few minutes.


How far in advance can I reserve a time slot?
A DUSgateway time slot can be booked from 72 hours up to 3 hours before departure at the latest.

Why no time slot for my flight is available?
The number of DUSgateway tickets is limited. There are probably no more free time slots available for your flight. In this case, please use the regular security check.

What information do I need for the booking?
The following information is required for your DUSgateway booking:
- Travel date, flight destination, airline, flight number
- Group size (max. 5 people)
- Name(s) of traveller(s)
- a valid email address
Registration is not required for booking.

Can I cancel or change my DUSgateway booking?
There is a link in the booking confirmation for changes or cancellations. 

What should I do if I no longer need the booked time slot?
If your plans change, please cancel your reservation to free up the time slot for other passengers.

What should I do if I didn't receive a booking confirmation or lost my confirmation email?
It is important that you provide a valid email address when booking. If you don't find the confirmation email in your regular inbox, please check your spam mails. If you do not receive a confirmation email, we recommend to repeat the booking, also if you have lost your confirmation email or QR code.

Do I have to show the DUSgateway booking confirmation at the checkpoint?
After your booking you will receive your booking confirmation by e-mail. At the DUSgateway control point you only need your boarding pass, as your DUSgateway booking will be matched automatically. In order to avoid inconveniences, for example, if a name is spelled differently on the DUSgateway ticket and on the boarding pass, you should have your booking confirmation digitally or printed out with your travel documents.

What happens if I miss my booked time slot?
You have +/-5 minutes around your booked 15-minute time slot. So, in total you have 25 minutes to get to the security check with your DUSgateway ticket.
If you miss this time slot, please use the regular security check.

Do different rules apply to DUSgateway customers at the security checkpoint?
No. To all passengers the same rules apply for the security control as well as for hand luggage.

What do families with small children have to consider?
Unfortunately, stroller do not fit through the DUSgateway checkpoint. Therefore, please use the manual checkpoint if you are traveling with a stroller. Our service staff will be happy to help.

The Priority Lane is located directly next to DUSgateway. This is an exclusive control lane that is only available to passengers who have received priority status from their airline - for example because they are frequent flyers or have booked a corresponding fare. DUSgateway is a free airport service that is available to all passengers, with a limited availability. Therefore, there are two separate entries at "Gates B": one for passengers with priority status and one for DUSgateway customers.
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